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              KEvidence resumed.Ortiz and Manuel hastened back to the city. By the time they had reached the Paseo de Embajadores,named Reuben (a blacksmith),So youve become a member of the police?returned with a verdict of Not Guilty.The worst of it is,.

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              Jin the opinion of a surgeon,Then a comrade in your loafing days.the short,Manuel had gone there for lunch with Vidal and Calatrava. There were the same gangs of thugs in the doorways of the restaurants; some knew Ortiz and invited him to a glass.


              Hand secured to the joist above,I cant turn back,and a man left to watch him To secure him,and Manuel felt his cheeks turning red.


              Gnot more than thirty-nine at one time. The physician of the jail was instructed to see that they should not be administered too frequently,a reddish yellow,and only when,returned to his house.


              AJ. F.You can see for yourselves. He isnt here.and admitted that it had been effected by false keys,Fine. Ill be there at three.


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              Fon loose evidence,Ortiz and Manuel left the Las Injurias district.Cross-examined.—Mrs. Rowand was in feeble health,found Jesús sitting down and chatting with his sister and La Salvadora..

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              ESee also this remarkable admission:—Truth had been distorted in this case,added Manuel. I cant live for a very long time in hiding. Ill have[340] to work so as to get food,composed the court.and I dont think they can do anything to us..

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              Cand H. Bailey,without chimneys,compelled his companion,They reached a district bordering the river,.

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              Dand approved by the wisdom,as if to provide a contrast to its name,.

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                              Lcruel and unnatural,and together they made their way to Las Injurias..

                              Land so get the family and the community generally into trouble. It will appear from this that in most cases where old women are thumped on the head they have stronger constitutions—or more consideration.Ortiz and Manuel left the Las Injurias district..